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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
You can just buy an el cheapo aliexpress/ebay cable for about $12 shipping included and save yourself 25 bucks
Buy the one with the switch. Switch to one side for kkl (e85 chassis) and the other side for d-can (e89 etc)

Further more its not important to set the com port to com 1.
Just make sure that you set it to the same com port as in the obd.ini (in the ediabas bin directory). It can be any com number.
set the latency to 1 and the bps to the highest value.
All true.

RE: cheap cables, they appeared to be hit or miss based on my research, so I would tread carefully if going that route.

Originally Posted by BoarderPhreak View Post
Nice write up - thanks!

Just out of curiosity... Anybody try/get this to work with Windows running on a Mac through, say, Parallels or Fusion? Or Linux?
I tried to use a Virtual WinXP machine previously with a different software source (on this same win7 laptop) and had no success (trying to work through this was why I bridged the pins on the cable). I am convinced that the virtual machine could not access the USB driver in my effort, but I don't know for sure.