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Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
oh crap.... iv over Tqed mine.... back into the freezing cold garage to Re-Tq, VT ask for 45nm top and bottom :-(
I torqued mine to 42nm (31ftlbs) per the TIS. This seemed about right.

Originally Posted by RobMCoupe View Post
Just got it install today. I upgraded to motorsport bolts for engine mount bracket too. The driver side is PIA. Took me most of the day going though underneath the car.

Love this mod. Just like others commented here. I tested 1st>2nd after warming up the car. I didn't get any grind at 6k or 7k. You can definitely shift faster 1sr>2nd. I only drove it for about 15 miles but will update if any changes.
Removing the intake definitely is easier to install the Motorsports bolts. I could only get the bottom two from underneath the car when I put mine in last year. I just now got the top two in. After having the intake off about 3 different times, I can install or remove it in about 10 minutes. One thing I did notice is that it is a lot easier to install the hose clamp on cylinder #6 if you put it on wrapping the opposite way compared to the rest of them.

Glad to hear that your enjoying the new motor mounts. Even after hearing all the rave reviews on M3F, I was still shocked by the difference they made. It took me a few minutes to realize the 1st/2nd shift being easier because it just seemed so natural.

Originally Posted by sabbanick View Post
Nice to hear rave reviews. You guys running stock tranny mounts?

I would prefer to upgrade all three mounts at once, hopefully they build one for us.
I installed RE transmission mount in the middle of December. Definitely another improvement. I wouldn't wait until the Transmission mounts arrive to put in the motor mounts (if you already have them). I think someone on M3Forum said there might another discount in effect right now through the USA reseller and that there might be another discount when they introduce the Tranny mounts (maybe for both motor and tranny also). I'm sure Beedub will keep us up to date on testing!!