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Originally Posted by tikamak View Post
The evolve software stopped working for me, it said "BETA version expired" or something like that.
Anyone had that happen ?
Yes completely normal. Evolve puts an expiration on their software because they want to make sure everyone is on the latest and greatest. Having had to deal with support I understand how you sometimes may want to force your clients to upgrade (even if it's a little annoying).

I have a check engine light and I want to check the codes.
My car has been making this weird sound coming from the header area, like a V8 engine even like a Harley. Does anyone think the tune might be the culprit as i have started to hear that more progressively ever since i put the tune.
Pull codes first and we can go from there. Most likely the tune has nothing to do with it. Could be a blown coil (is the car shaking and misfiring?).