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Originally Posted by highgrade00 View Post
dont quite know if youre correct on that one... looks like the majority if not all of those parts were made of CF, which probably means they are lighter...

the "increased drag" should provide more downforce to help keep the car more stable at higher speed... we havent seen this thing in a wind tunnel, for all we know its likely more aerodynamic than stock (look how low the front is)
Whether the drag is applied through downforce to the tires or front plate drag, it will likely be slower in a straight line assuming no changes were made to the power plant. On the other hand, it will probably do much better in maintaining speed through the corners where it will have the advantage in the long run on a road course. You're right about the weight reduction benefits of carbon fiber, but the pieces seem to be quite a bit larger and the weight savings may not be that much more of a benefit. Either way, I would be interested in the price of the components.
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