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You know what makes me a LOT more worried about America than the possibility that the Boston Bombings and other tragic events may be faked?

The fact that so many of you will adamantly and blindly deny that such a thing could or ever would be faked.

People like that are why, if these things are real, the government gets away with it time and time again.

It also really disgusts me how people can look at one conspiracy theorist's idea, and prove it wrong then somehow apply that to mean EVERY conspiracy theorist is wrong. There are nutjobs out there - use your discretion when viewing these things, but you should view them with an open mind. Most of you had already decided whether it was true or not before you even looked at it. Taking one brick out of a wall does not make the wall fall, destroying one conspiracy theorist's arguments does not destroy EVERYONE'S arguments.

I personally do not believe 9/11 was an inside job. I believe the conspiracies explaining why it might have been faked are logical, but stacked up against evidence the conspiracies crumble.

However with some of this recent stuff, Sandy Hook, and now this, it really does make you wonder. Its hard to dismiss some of these pieces of evidence - such as the use of the same actors again and again, including claiming the principal died then using the same woman's picture again with the bombings. The ample media coverage of this event clearly shows a time when there was really no blood in the area. Then we see people being wheeled off covered in blood? Honestly I had a real weird feeling watching the coverage of the bombings... we "remembered 9/11" for months, years even, after it occured. As soon as a month after it happened it was like it never happened. Where are the memorials to the people lost? The 60 minutes stories of victims who lost their limbs, lost their loved ones? Things are starting not to add up.

I hate the "Nah, I believe everything the government tells me" ignorant people WAY more than I could ever hate the government even if this stuff is faked and 9/11 was a conspiracy. The government only takes what we give them. People who blindly believe everything the government tells them, are giving the government the freedom to do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING.