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Whats the best Street option today?

Hey Gang - my car is away for the winter, so time to start planning and spending for next year!

I currently have Bilstein B6's of unknown provenance and 2 yr old Eibach Prokits. I don't track it - this is a summer daily driver, on rough city streets.
  • The Eibach's lowered more than I thought they would. The front is almost tucked under the lip. Look great, but...
  • The feel great, until I hit anything more than an inch or two, and then its a loud bang that has my checking my strut towers daily.

So - I'm looking for something that keeps me lower, but allows the front to be adjusted a bit, and something that's going to be less nerve wracking on city streets. Coilovers with some kind of street spring combo seems to be the right path to dial in the drop.

Bilstein seems to be out of stock and not restocking.

SO - what are the good options now? KW? Koni? Fortune?

I don't want to overbuy a crazy race set up for my daily commute and lake country blasts, but I'm happy to spend for good product.

Right now I'm looking hard at the Fortunes with the remote adjustment --- cool stuff.

And bonus question - what else should I do at the same time?
I don't think I need adjustable pillowball mounts as I'm not tracking, but open to opinions if there's value to be found there. But - I know people do ZHP LCAs, different mounts, strut tower bars, etc. Point me in the right direction!

And - thank you in advance.
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