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Originally Posted by filtercoffee View Post
This is something I feel the companies could and should be doing a better job of. The problem is, when you look at the product pages for MSC, Bilstein, Ohlins, KW, pretty much any suspension company, they don't really tell you what their goals were, what they compromised on, and in what ways it will differ from stock. How will the NVH be changed? Ride comfort? Will the car be more composed? How much stiffer will it be? There's no data available around any of this, which is a shame.

I can understand some of the reasoning, proprietary/trade secret. But I'm at a loss without that information, and can't justify a purchasing decision without it.
A very philosophical approach.
It can be compared to both book smart vs street smart also glass half full or half empty. You can be given all the data in the world, but if you havenít experienced different grades of mod changes influencing nvh how will you know exactly how each mod affects your individual application or understand no, mild, and harsh without feeling it.

For goals on say adjustability on dampers for example, no harm to simply ask the company. What was the base start in constant of lightest and what for the heaviest setting in X damper coilover or what ever part of tuning. Worst question is the one not asked. If not thrilled with generic product descriptions then ask the manufacturer. Iíve talked to lots of reps and companies of different nature but never did I get a push off response. Itís true no matter what mod. ESS can give you all the data on the gains of each supercharger but until you feel it to compare what does 40% gains ďfeel likeĒ in your car. Mods are always when you ďwantĒ more than stock for what ever X result.

It will become trial and error and with all the amount of variables itís difficult for anyone to say yep 100% you fell this or get that. Similar to when I use to set up archery equipment, I could set a bow up for me to be a tack driver, but itís not going to work for the guy I hand it to the same way, the human factor. Itís a rabbit hole where yes, money is always sacrificed, not matter a positive or negative experience. It becomes a damned if you do damned if you donít.

I go back to previous life experiences growing up. Shoes are to people as tires are to cars. You donít wear hiking boots to run a marathon, sandals to hike Everest. Until you pursue a good set of hiking boots how do you know how long the break in time on a pair of boots. All trial and error and the more you do, the more you learn. First bad set of blisters and you start looking into polypropylene and wool blend sock combos for hiking. When I finally find a pair of boots I fall in love with I normally buy a few pair as always with my luck they stop making them when Iíve worn a set out.

Itís the rabbit whole to learn and grow and through the blood sweat and tears hopefully itís a gratifying experience. Every piping student Iíve ever had Iíve always said the moment playing pipes or music becomes no longer fun or enjoyable you move to something else that brings a new chapter in life. If modding a car no longer brings joy or gratifying experiences for you absolutely look for the best of a stock car in X trim to enjoy as it frees time and funds for the next chapter. Nothing wrong at all in enjoying a car stock.
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