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Originally Posted by Coi View Post
I've owned by Z4M for several months and have been happy with it in almost every single way except for the steering feel. While it's better than any electric rack I've driven and certainly has some feedback, it's still not on the same level as the E93 I used to have or my buddy's low-mileage 987.2 Cayman. My car has 80k miles on what appear to be original FCABs. They do show some signs of wear/age but I don't think they're totally shot because turn-in is still precise and the car does not wander.

I was thinking of just replacing these with new OEM offset rubber bushings, but wondered if anyone saw improved steering feel with aftermarket polyurethane FCABs. I know the primary reason people upgrade these are to decrease deflection on track, but are they worth the downsides (noise, harshness) on a street car for better steering feel? I know there are many aftermarket posts about FCABs across various forums but I can't find one about how they affect feedback.

So these are the options I'm considering:

New OEM BMW rubber offset bushings (31107838575)
Could get them pre-pressed into the lollipops from somewhere

Whiteline caster bushing set, polyurethane (W52606)
I know this company is relatively reputable but I can't find any reviews of these bushings so that does give me some hesitation. Price is excellent.

Powerflex offset bushing, aluminum/polyurethane (PFF5-5601G)
These are the most aggressive option being mostly aluminum, and are quite a bit more expensive. Some people report noise from these as well as an increase in ride harshness.

I know there are other factors that affect steering feel like alignment and tires (I have factory alignment specs and Michelin PS4S right now), but I figure if I'm replacing FCABs I should get the best option.

Not sure how I missed your post and saw your post on the classics but in a nut shell feel is based on perception. Your M btw is hydraulic. Some will vouch and say yes. Some will say any feels better than worn. So if you base it off worn you truly wonít know your perception answer. If you did new oem then new poly thatíd be your only true answer on how you feel it.

In a nut shell I believe the response feel with purple power flex is an improvement on non M. But thatís not the only aftermarket and change from oem to my front end suspension in direct relationship either. And I will say tire selection is key too in your response feel, if youíre on run flats ditch them. My 03 is on koni yellow adjustables eibach springs adjustable camber plates 255/35/18 toyo r1r along with the poly lcab and itís a night and day difference than my e86 on stock suspension with Bridgestones. From steering response to feel of imperfections in the road so too have to ask your goals, track or daily and quality of roads youíre on. When it comes to nvh thereís more out of my camberplates than just the poly lcab

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