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Originally Posted by rockstar93 View Post
A few places list the VRS products, but I have no experience from any of them so maybe somebody else can chime in on that.

It's two parts, the front spoiler (that fits over top of the OEM bumper), and the spliiter portion that connects the two fangs.

As for the carbon Mstache, that is the one. Here's the forum thread I was mentioning about the quality. I know a few people with the original MStache (non-carbon) off this forum, I've heard nothing but good things.
I really like the Varis set but 2000$ for both products is way to much

You can get x6.5 Mstache for the price

Quick question about the Mstache, does it break because of the material or because of the position? APR looks like it's protruding more outwards and with steep inclinations, I can't believe it doesn't break in the same way the Mstache does