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Roadtrip / Parts Run: VRS Cooling Bonnet + Rear Diffuser System

Bit the bullet and ordered the VRS cooling bonnet, VSDC & the VRS rear diffuser system 1&2, carbon
After 6 looooooong months, I got the e-mail from Bulletproof Automotive, "Your parts are ready for pick-up."

Picked up a small trailer from U-Haul and prepared for the parts run. Left at 1200 the next morning wide awake with adrenaline and anticipation. Many thoughts racing through my mind. Excited that the parts finally arrived! Concerned that they might have damage from transport. Will I get back soon enough to install the parts the same day?

When I started the journey Google let me know I was 6hrs 19mins away. Turns out google has a funny sense of humor, because every 60 miles or so it would update me by adding time to the trip; Really gave the feeling of standing still After 10.5 hours, I arrived!

The guys at Bulletproof gave a tour of their shop. A ton of Sema build items and carbon fiber fabrication going on! Very cool shop and people. They had the parts ready for me to load up. Before loading, I unpacked inspected and repacked. Good news, no damage and parts look great!

Carefully and quickly packed the items for travel, and began the journey home. After 6 month & a 21 hour road trip, the parts were finally in the garage!


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