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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
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That may very well have been the case, but it doesn't answer the question of why additional witnesses were required to substantiate an already winning argument. Even before the Bolton revelation, the Democrats were decrying the republicans for not calling for more witnesses. But why would additional
witnesses be required, for an already winning case? At the end of this, the Democrats faulted the absence of any additional witnesses as the reason for why they didn't win.

The burden of proof was with the Democrats, they didn't meet the burden, so they either shouldn't have brought the case to begin with or not expected the defense to make the for them. The fact that they were so convinced of it being a winning case that they brought it just indicates to me they were grasping at straws trying to create the appearance of impropriety by the republicans when they lost.
Let's be honest... regardless of the amount of proof provided, the senate was always going to acquit. It didn't matter how strong the case was.
Agreed with you but it doesn't answer the question. The problem is now this charade is in the court of public opinion and the tide has turned against the Democrats precisely for this reason.

A reasonable person/trier of fact concludes that when you bring something as serious as impeachment your case is properly substantiated. In this case the Democrats toured it as such, they screamed it through every media outlet. When push came to shove they basically said, Republicans make the case for us.

To me the conclusion is, the Democrats are either incompetent or they are liars, or both. Since we have enough instances dating back to Trump's election that Democrats have done everything possible to subvert the will of the people, how can any reasonable person trust them?

You'll have people at both ends of the spectrum arguing ad nauseam that the other side is full of it. In this particular situation I'd consider myself an independent. I subscribe to a conservative ideology generally, but strongly dislike Trump. He shouldn't be representing us as a people.

Notwithstanding, in my opinion (which I believe is a reasonable one), our unpresidential President was undermined by elected officials since day 1. He was digging his own grave and the people would've seen him for what he was, but for the Democrats and mass media's attempt to overturn the 2016 election for absolutely asinine reasons for 4 years!!!

Had the Democratic Party not turned to a bunch of radicalized extremist liars, I would have voted for someone on their side.

Now I will vote for Trump because I genuinely believe he is the lesser of the two evils.