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Originally Posted by Beedub View Post

EAS since you guys actually use this car properly, what was needed to be able to run such sizes without fender fouling???
So it takes a shop to tell you that it fits, eh?

hehe still love ya buddy!

Originally Posted by 604skyline View Post
The car with the Volk TE37 is like perfect to me, I as well would like to know exactly what has been done, what coilover setup, and full alignment and camber specs
-2.5* or more of camber in the front. Coilovers won't matter because the wheel is low enough offset that it will clear everything available for our cars on the inner side (strut).

Further to this, the real key is here the 265/35/18 tire. The 35 aspect ratio is short enough that it fits. 245/40/18 is technically "correct" but it does *not* fit properly because it's too tall. Run a 245/255/265 in 35 aspect ratio, and you're fine.

Sorry to butt in on EAS's thread, but that car with both those setups looks great! Keep up the good work!

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