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Definately take some time and read some threads at It is where the best detailers give advice and show their work. You will find it is more about the technique as so much as the product (not saying products don't make a difference, they do. But if you have bad techniques then you can use the best products in the world and your car will still not look its best).

I use the 1 bucket rinse method, which when washing the car with the mitt after I dunk it in the bucket, wash the car some and then I rinse the mitt before dunking it back in the bucket. This way the soapy water stays clean and free from dirt.

Also I use the color coordination system for my microfibers ie

Green - Windows/Gauges/Wood Trim/Radio (Anything glass or sensitive to scratches these stay extemely clean. I use Stoner's Invisible Glass for the windows.(
Orange- Wheels/Tires When washing I use Meguiars Wheel Brite or Simple Green 50/50 mix (Use Simple green only on painted or clear coated wheels, als the microfilbers are the dirtiest of the microfibers, don't uses these on anything else even after washing)
Blue- Interior (I used these with Meguairs Quick Interior Detailer etc. on the dash, console door panels etc. they usually stay very clean).
Blue Large - Engine Bay Drying and I also use Meguiars regular Quick Detailer. (I keep my engine bay clean by wiping it down with a large drying microfiber after each time I was my car.
Blue Plush - Drying (Don't forget to thoroughly do all the jams when drying).
Blue Plush - Touch up body with Meguiar Ultimate Quick Detailer in between washes.

This way the microfibers keep clean and when I do my windows I know they won't have anything on them to cause smears etc. Usually the ones I use for the wheels are dirtier. Also, wash your microfibers each time you wash your car and don't reuse them unless you have. Don't use too much detergent otherwise they make the microfibers less absorbant. Also pour in some regular vinegar (2 cups or so, not white whine vinegar or Balsanic Vinegar) Dirty microfibers cause swirls in your paint.

Also if you car is garaged, use a California Duster daily. I use it before I leave and when I return touching it up with Quick Detailer, spraying the headlights, front bumper, hood etc, where there are bugs, droppings etc. This way nothing sets into the paint. Also keeps the car very clean for a long time. (I usually don't do around the bottom or near side skirts or lower quarter panels as it is usually too dirty and not really recommended for use with the California Duster. Use the duster only on light dust not on heavy soiled areas. I also spray the moldings around the windows liberally with Quick Detailer to keep them fresh and new looking. I also touch up the windows as well.

Hope this helps. Also stay away from automatic washes. Please.
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