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Originally Posted by cliffhopper View Post
I have decided to get black wheels based on that observation.
yup i jumped on that look a while ago ;-) looks really nice!!

ok ok ok if i can find a wheel with +32 upfront and +25 in the rear in either 18" or 19" thats under 18lbs then im in........ theirs two that i really like the Te37SL and the BBS Fi.... one of them is the wrong offsets completely, the other costs nearly 8000 Bills!!

i would definatly like to drop some weight from my wheels, especially as my BBK was 6-10lbs lighter Per Corner ;-)

love the look of the car, its really looking abit beastly now, with the intercooler on show it looks like you really dont want to mess with it or you'll get a bloody nose.... bet your really pleased when you walk up to her to drive home :-) well done...... Very well done.
Pristine Bi-colour Ti /Bsm...z4m roadster Ess vt2-500....Perfection on wheels.

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