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Originally Posted by Roffle Waffle View Post
Yeah, you need a big turbo to have big top end. Not sure I want the downgrade in throttle response and usable traction (on this chassis)

Other than the pulley, what else does the vt2-550 kit come with for the e46?

My friend has a very strong 996tt, which will always be faster, but I'm trying to build the ultimate daily driver

I weighed the volks, they're 17.5lbs each! The 19s I have on right now are 25.5lbs in the rear. The new tires are also lighter (28lbs), so I'm looking to lose 12.5lbs per corner
absolutly!!! yeah i crave more TQ but the s/c has MANY MANY more pluses for me than a HPF setup, my s/c kit makes for a near perfect track power band, literally perfect! i love it...... i'll just have to rev, then again my poor s54 spends most of its life @ 6500 + revs, lol!!!

moving on from this car will be costly as bang for buck its punching WAY above its class!! brakes, suspension, Vt2 makes this car an animal!! if i can drop 100kg, ill be absolultly delighted, it just means i may have to loose my beloved CSLs :-(

very aggressive setup on the wheels,.......
Pristine Bi-colour Ti /Bsm...z4m roadster Ess vt2-500....Perfection on wheels.