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E46 M3 Strutt Brace Success

Just installed an E46 M3 strut brace on my 2008 Z4M. Points of interest:
1. There was just a very, very, very slight mis-alignment between the mounting areas of the actual strut bar and the cast pieces that attach to the strut "humps". Loosened some bolts and the pieces fit nicely. It was as though the direction of the rectangular mounting projections were about a half degree off.
2. Clearance between the bottom of the cross bar and both the fuel line and the chromed nut on the valve cover was about 5.25mm, measured without moving the car after installation.
3. The engine sits on relatively new Vibra-Technics street variety engine mounts.
4. Looks like the mounting points on the bar are about a total of 6mm closer than on the E46, well within the range of the oblong "slots" on the bar.
5. I torqued the cast strut mount nuts (6 each) to 30 Nm, and the nuts that attached the bar (4 each) to 20 Nm. I was over-cautious and worried about snapping a bolt, and I'm still looking for definitive values.
6. I removed both alignment studs, as they interfered with the installation.
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