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Z4 Coffee Table Book

After putting together the calendar, I got thinking about all the great photos that were submitted and what a shame it was that only 12 were used. So I got the idea to maybe do a Coffee Table Book for myself. Making this for myself is easy but making and selling to the forum could be a bit more complicated as I would want the end product to look professional & AWESOME. The photos would have to be professionally touched up which adds cost, I would want to use a flat style book which are more expensive and unfortunately the company that made the calendars doesn't offer this style, so I would have to order from a company that does which mean getting them shipped in bulk and shipping out units individually which could be a logistics nightmare. Also, there could be issues with copywrites and other possible legalities I'm not aware of. I think I'd do the same thing like the calendar, setup and email and by submitting the photos you essentially giving permission to publish and reproduce the images you submitted.

As I'm writing this post I'm starting to think I should be deleting it and just leave it, but lets see if there's any interest and what could become of it? These would most likely cost $50-100CAD/$35-$70UDS +shipping.

Below is my vision which I put together from some of the calendar photos and other I grabbed from the forum. My though was maybe have each page themed, like Fall, Track, Coupes, Roadster, Rolling, Sunsets, Aftermarket, etc....

This would probably be a 3 month project so let me know your thoughts and if there's any interest.
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