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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Well your statement blew me from my seat ...And my jaw dropped on the floor.

Mercedes dominated a decade in F1 !
What should we MAX fans think about that ?

As we know , the Mercedes advantage is very suspicious !
The Party-Mode ?
The Magic-Mode ?
The advantage of the Hybrid era ?
The tire cooling system in the wheels ?

In every single race the Merc's pulled out of sight from the start, like the rest of the field was standing still !
And in lap 3 the race was already over , and for P3 there was a fight in the background with a average gap of 30-40 sec. and sometimes even more !

You guys always said : Renault , now HONDA should work harder during the winter stop to close the gap ...
Well...From what we can see ,during the winter HONDA (almost) closed the gap by building a complete new PU and gearbox in terms of more power !
They worked also really hard to get the rear suspension ,rake and diffuser just right , to make the RB16-B more stable regarding the balance .

And suddenly out of nowhere , now the RB16B is Illegal ?!?!
While every single part of the RB16B is approved by the FIA ?

HAM and BOT can't keep their tires on temp. and they are complaining about cold tires and lack of grip, BOT said we really miss DAS in this season !
In other words : The advantage from "DAS" was "HUGE" !!!

2020 = DAS is FIA approved and Mercedes won pretty much everything .
2021 = DAS is banned by the FIA ?

Are all the 2020 Mercedes victories still credible after a banned advantage ?
I don't think so !!!

The FIA are a bunch of F@cking clowns !

My good friend ,as for your statement :
I'm not religious at all , but I'll try to pray for you anyway...
All part of the illegal traction control they are running. You will see at the end of the year. It will be like Ferrari Rocket Mode. It will suddenly go away and the car will fall back to the midfield. We've all seen it before!!

Cheers, my good friend!
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