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Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
Just a few more days guys! Thanks to everyone here for taking the initiative of setting this up! Everyone at M3Forums greatly appreciates you all opening up the doors for us E46 M3 guys

I got an email back from Imran and clarified some of the options for the Z4M.

Evolve Automotive Z4M Tune Features and Options:
  • RPM Limit increase
  • Top Speed Governor Removal
  • Throttle Mapping
  • Dyno Mode
  • Catless 02 Ready Tune or CEL Only removal
  • Instant-Throttle Map Option - $35
So as of now, unfortunately, no shift lights or Sport Button Memory. With how well Evolve inherently calibrates the mapping of the throttle, I don't think Sport Button Memory is even necessary
I'm stoked about getting this tune.

A few questions,
  • RPM Limit increase, what does it increase it to?
  • Instant-Throttle Map Option - sounds cool, what is it?