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Originally Posted by The Shoe View Post
Is it still possible to get on the list?
Yes, until the 29th of May! So anyone on the fence you have 3 more days. Added.

Originally Posted by DanFromTucson View Post
Where do we pay? I missed that info.
AFAIK they're not open for payment yet. Imran is going to set us up with a link so we can order directly from their page with the discount.

Current List:

1. beta (Z4M)
2. gferil (Z4M)
3. marinb (Z4M)
4. RobMCoupe (Z4M)
5. OG_M3 (Z4M)
6. RobertRO (Z4M)
7. tikamak (Z4M)
8. DanFromTucson (Z4M)
9. zubydafa (Z4M)
10. E46 Love (E46 M3)
11. m3freak86 (E46 M3)
12. ARMYm3 (E46 M3)
13. coldm3 (E46 M3)
14. gojcaj (E46 M3)
15. azngolf (E46 M3)
16. astris (E46 M3)
17. mike_s (E46 M3)
18. TangkYou (E46 M3)
19. kmfurdm (E46 M3)
20. kennyfrc (Z4M)
21. K-MAN (E46 M3)
22. jerzm3 (E46 M3)
23. mikeymed8 (E46 M3)
25. ltbong (E46 M3)
26. SteveOh (E46 M3)
27. M3ANMACHINE (E46 M3)
28. Dizzeep (E46 M3)
29. txz4 (Z4M)
30. tchamillionaire (E46 M3)
31. DOCTOR 3VIL (E46 M3)
32. dubledee (E46 M3)
33. JaTe (E46 M3)
34. Blind32 (Z4 M)
35. ajw45 (Z4 M)
36. AUTOX08MC (Z4 M)
37. BeelzebubsM3 (E46 M3)
38. kdieselinc (E46 M3)
39. The Shoe (Z4 M)