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Originally Posted by Vanne View Post
Not sure how that would be unsafe, though it's of course possible, as the original seatbelts are also mounted to the bulkhead? And there the impact weight is only distributed through one point, whereas with my setup the load is distributed through 2 points. I agree it's less than optimal, and a proper full cage is being looked at atm, but if your leaving your interior intact, not many other options. I am also not sold on the bulkhead being weak, as the factory roll hoops are attached to it.


I guess there are pro's and cons to everything.
I actually agree with you and if I had to guess, their hesitation isnít around the bulkhead per se, rather how the anchor points are attached to it. The bulkhead is probably fine structurally but unlike bolting to the floor, it probably requires way more reinforcement since thereís more lateral force being exerted than their is upwards from the floor. As long as the person doing the install is experienced and knows their stuff I would think itís fine.

Only thing that sucks for me is thereís so much more trim removal involved with the roadster (i.e. soft top) in order to access the bulkhead.

Originally Posted by eggman51 View Post
I tried the CG Lock this weekend. A definite improvement over standard 3 point. A bloody clever little bit of engineering! However it's no match for a full 6 point harness.
Iíve read mixed things about CG, mainly the build quality. If you do a google search itís not uncommon to reports of the plastic housing breaking. Not having one in my hand canít tell if this is a trivial thing or a potential safety hazard.
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