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Not sure if this was mentioned earlier, but I think the 'old autocross trick' is the one where you adjust your seat to your track driving position, then set the memory as 2.
Slide your seat back as far as it'll go and recline it as far as possible. Buckle your belt in, pull the belt as tight as it'll go around your lap and feed the end into the B pillar while leaning back as far as possible. Now exhale and pull it even tighter, and quickly jerk the belt forward so it locks. Keep pressure on the belt and hold #2 on your preset and the seat will move forward to your original position and will keep tension on your belt when you let go.
Again, you'll feel squeezed out in paddock, but once on track it'll be fine.

This trick works will with the CG lock because the CG lock only locks your butt into the seat, not your chest. I was doing these together, and I eventually got tired of the belt buckle getting caught in my door sill because I left the CG lock attached. Eventually I realized I don't need to bother with the GC lock at all.

One other bit you may find useful. I posted about this previously but if you buy a replacement brake arm from your dealer (approx $20-30), you can cut the pedal pad off it and grind the weld off the backside. Clamp it to your existing brake pedal and drill 4 holes in the corners. Then use 4 flat head bolts and nuts and a series of washers to act as spacers. Put your rubber pedal pad onto the new metal portion now. You can then get your brake pedal closer to you, which will bring it even with your gas pedal when heel/toe downshifting.

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Plenty of track groups would permit running a convertible without a rollbar, basically, once you sign the wavier you really are on your own.

For running my Z4MR on the track, I am leaving everything stock, and just use like CG locks or the old autocross trick to lock myself in place. Stock works and is tested, either you have a custom rollbar made, mount a proper 5-6 point harness and a proper FIA race seat in the car, or leave it stock. Personally safety is a do none or do them all sorta deal.

DS2500 is a dual purpose pad, a good dual purpose pad, but still not a proper track pads. Just remember, the more capable the brake pads are, the faster the pad eat rotors, and the more corrosive and dusty brake dust comes out.
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