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Nice work! Lines look pretty good!

Turn by turn commentary below; remember I'm still learning too, and some of what I'm sharing applies to my own driving. (I spent some time with a Spec E30 record holder out of the track at Thill--so I "know" more than I can "do".)

1, 2, out of 2 into 3 are great lines. Note: 2 has multiple lines that can be run (double apex, winding it real tight towards the infield aka the "Miata line", especially if the Spec Miata guys have left a lot of nice Rcomp rubber on the tarmac for us). The "wind it in as you go" line you're using is a perfectly good approach too. Line out of 2 into 3 is very nice.

5 - 7 look good.

8, could use some work there, so could I! It's worth a huge amount of time since the exit is uphill onto a long straight, so exit speed (or lack thereof) really adds up on this one. My friend Brian has this corner pretty well dialed in. We can't hit it quite as fast (he has a front and rear wing), but his turn in point and transition (off/on throttle) are good.

9 - 13 all look pretty good.

14 needs a later apex. You really want to turn in at or just before that last small white hash mark on the left rather than at the last braking marker. The later apex sets the 14 -15 complex and allows one to have a better line into 15. That's key because it means you can get on the throttle earlier and get greater exit speed onto a very long straight where speed is multiplied. Here are a few laps from last summer--the last one in particular one has a nice late apex on 14. These are not meant to be exemplary laps (I have plenty to work on and I know it), but they do give a good idea of what I'm talking about with 14-15 and the later apex.

Other than 8 and 14-15, I don't see a lot from a line perspective that needs work. Lines are good, and you're figuring out how to be faster out of corners. You just need more seat-time my friend! This is great progress, keep up the good work!
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