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Finally some video of my best lap at Thunderhill from March 2nd

So I finally got around to uploading my best lap from that day with NCRC.

Very much open to feedback since I still have so much to learn. That day was my 4th overall trackday, and my first time at Thill. It was taken from the last session and, for the most part, traffic was pretty good so I was able to get some clean runs in without having to point the faster people by and without having to wait to get pointed by.

Since it was my first time there I wanted to focus more on the lines, and getting the feel for the speed at that track, so I know I was going fairly "slow" respectively (seems like I pulled a 2:20 on that lap, could have been better but I had to slow down at the start of the back straight to wait to get pointed by from another car so I lost some speed).

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