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Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post
^^ and I thought my Excel spreadsheet was a bit involved. Just keep in mind tires often run wider than advertised value.
Yep. Thank you. I like to look at pictures and not just numbers..... And I'm retired so I really have nothing better to do than play with CAD and math to keep the mind sharp. Prolly spend all day tomorrow tweaking the drawings since I'm waiting for parts for the lawnmower my wife broke today

I was looking for something that was fairly close to factory specs on the inside without huge differences on the outside that would allow me to shim it out a wee bit if needed for inside clearance or if wanted. I'd like to keep the alignment at factory specs and if needed I think my heat gun could take care of any minor rubbing and trying to avoid rolling the fenders.

I'm street use only with decent roads around me and generally a fairly conservative driver but occassionally like to drive a bit sporty on a twisty country road. Mostly I just love the look of a lot of meat tucked under the car. If I ever track it, it would be to run the Texas mile once just to see what she could do and mabey try an autocross someday.

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