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Originally Posted by Roffle Waffle View Post

Had to get 2 new primary o2 sensors, since the old ones went bad while hanging out in the air under the hood. I held off on welding in the rear 02s because I was initially told that its not necessary with the ecu tune.


I've been in much more stressful car situations, which taught me a lot of patience. At least the car was running more or less OK the whole time, I just couldn't drive it to its full potential.
What do you mean...the wideband (primary) O2s were left plugged in but not installed in the exhaust? That seems pretty dicy, as I'm almost positive they have a heating circuit to bring them up to temperature. In any event, how could you tell they needed to be replaced?

I know what you mean about "more stressful" situations; I'm pretty damn worried about my kit, but it's not as bad as the time my Supra was behaving completely erratically due to a hidden, loose ECU ground .