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did any of you guys log AFRs??

just for reference im seeing 3rd gear pull @ wot see's a nice safe rich 11.3-5ish, in the higher gears like 5th a WOT situation see's a 12.5ish richening out towards the redline, checking with AJ and hans this is the perfect situation and exactly what i should be seeing.

i wish i could mount my iphone somehow to grab some shots of my gauges during some runs...... Im going to try and grab a lady friend to do the camera work for me.....
also FYI tom and iphone, my "new" s/c unit has just had its first oil change @ 500 miles, i will do it again in anothr 500 miles, this oil change has rendered the unit almost silent, @ idle you can even hear it bar the whistle the s/c makes.
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