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Originally Posted by jns_e85 View Post
Just curious to see if anyone has run this size tire on the front of a Z4M before (with modified suspension of course).

A friend of mine has Yokohama AO52s and swears by them for autocross duty. Looking at prices, there is a huge difference between the 265/35/18 that I know will fit over the 265/40/18 size he runs on a 350z. ($325 for the 265/35 and $250 for the 265/40).

FWIW I am on FA 500's lowered about an inch with a butt load of front camber (-3.4 front). Set up is intended for regional autocross duty on a tire limited BSP set up. Intended wheel size is 18x9.5 et 35
At that price you might as well just ante up for the purple crack since you're already in BSP.
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