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Would love to see more pictures! I think this car will look great modded.

At 4 figures, you absolutely cannot beat that. Congrats and enjoy in good health.
Thank you sir! Tires showed up this evening and the wheels have been here for a day or 2. I guess I'll find out quickly what 255 fronts do without any suspension mods (that I'm aware of).

It has 225/40/19's on the front now which are significantly taller than the 255/40/17's though so thinking I can at least drive to my alignment shop but we shall see.

I'll update with pics then.
That's a great buy.
Pls show us pics of the car now.
How many miles on it ?
Here is a random collection of photos of the car over the last month or so I've owned it.

I hesitate to say this because of how it sounds, but it might be the perfect car for me. I love how you sit in it. I've had the loved 1M and made sure to get the manual seats because they sat 1" lower than my 135is' power seats. I've had E36 and my current E46 M3's and you sit "on" them.

On top of that I'm an S54 lover. I think it's my favorite motor in all the cars I've owned because it's not TOO fast but just right to rip around on the streets. The car rotates and turns in so well too.

Again, being a rebuilt title means I have no issue going out rain or shine and getting some me time through all the chaos lately.

Got my first Blackstone back on it yesterday and it's a flawless report. For what I paid for this, I've never had a better sports car value in my life.

CSL airbox and 3.9 diff are calling me....haha
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