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Here are two of my recipes if wanting to get started.

3oz oolong gensing
6 gal purified water. 1.5gal used for nute
Steep temp ~195 degrees
Steep time 20min
6 cups Costco organic cane sugar
1 1/4 cup White vinegar
All equipment sanitized with StarSan no rinse
Nute pH: 3.2 , 5.6 before vinegar
Stove temp set to 4, backed down to 3.5 at 200 degrees

Mix:. 4.5gal at 48deg + 1.5gal at 180deg

Mixed pH 3.8, temp 76.5deg

Immediate insertion of fresh Scoby

Secondary Fermentation 1/25/18
pH 3.9
1/28/18 pH 3.3. Bubbly

Started with ~ 5gal of Kombucha
Saved the bottom cone as starter

1/8th cup sugar
1 cup ground fresh ginger (peel and all)

Batch 4 (favorite flavor)

41/8 oz Chinese black leeches

7 cups sugar

Cold steep tea bag in vessel after main 20min steep while mixing sugar

pH 4.0

2/13 pH 3.9, Brix 7.2, SG 1.028

3/11/18 Bottled (bubbly in tank)
pH 3.1, Brix 5.3, FG 1.021, ABV 0.91%

Note that last batch Brix of 5.0 and bubblyness in tank had subsided.

Added 1/8tsp of tumeric to some 16oz bottles
*Needs less turmeric as the powdered taste comes through. Turmeric seems to provide a flavor like pickles.

Nute gets things going in a smaller pot. Steep tea, add sugar, then add to rest of your water. Just make sure cool enough before adding scoby