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Originally Posted by ///M/// View Post
Am aware of that but it's not twice. This what people don't get here in this country that they are effectively paying closer to the same tax others pay in countries like Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc where healthcare is covered when you add in the premium and deductible you are paying for insurance every year. Let's say my effective federal Tax rate is 30%. Now add in the monthly premium I am paying towards insurance every year to cover my family and that's another 8-10% easy. And if I am using the insurance that year add another 2-3% that goes towards meeting the deductible. Where does that get me? Well into the 40% plus of my salary.

I would rather pay 40% in taxes every year knowing that my health is covered no matter what than have to worry about plans every year, deductibles, coinsurance and all that crap.

The problem here is that everyone does not want to contribute to the system. It's all me, me, me. The young say I don't need to see a doc so why should I pay towards medical, others feel they are healthy so why pay? But guess what, everyone starts to get old and needs medical help at some point.

That can't be right. I get chemo injections almost monthly and I am in a pretty high tax bracket.

My ETR last year was around 18% and my total annual OOP medical costs typically run around $6k per year. I don't know anyone who has an ETR in America that is 30%. You either calculated that wrong or you have the worst accountant ever in world history.

I understand you are upset, but your numbers don't add up. Something isn't right here.
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