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Originally Posted by ///M/// View Post
The point is not about copay but more about what they bill for a frickiní service. I canít even comprehend it sometimes because it makes no sense. Here is an example and Iíll just talk about one of the line items because the rest will likely blow your mind....when I had my motorcycle accident, they put in a claim for $1400 for oral medication in the 1.5 day hospital stay. Just to be clear, the oral medication just involved a nurse handing me meds to swallow. $1400 for the three times she had to do that. Chew on that for a bit. Lol!

When I was in Italy during the European delivery I caught a bug and fell ill suddenly. The ER trip, seeing a doc and a course of antibiotics (no insurance) came out to 38 euros.

Last year in Switzerland my 4 year old daughter fell ill in Lauterbrunnen. Went to the local hospital where they did xrays and complete bloodwork along with medicines. Bill was 125 euros and by European standards thatís high thatís because itís Switzerland. Compare that to here if I needed walk in doc visit, bloodwork, xrays, prescription drugs and following. Easy 4-5k.

I fucking hate the healthcare cost and hate more how the ridiculous cost is normalized in our society.
The problem stems from the 3rd-party payer model. If you had some minor procedure - like having a mole cut off - and they handed you a $5000 bill that you had to pay out-of-pocket, on the spot, you'd laugh your ass off and tell them to go fuck themselves, right? "BWAAAHHAAAHHAAA! Yeah, I'm thinking more like $200. That's my final offer. Take the $200 or put the mole back on." Never happens that way, though.

But the insurance company doesn't care. They pay the horribly inflated prices, and then jack up your premiums to cover them. They leave themselves a "cut" and always seek to maximize that cut, at the expense of you and the health care providers. Whomever they can get the money out, or deny paying, the easiest and cheapest, that's who they'll put the screws to.

That, and the big health care companies are horribly bloated and loaded down with administrative overhead. They hire another "EVP of Synergistic Optics" every few months, and raise premiums to cover it.
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