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So healthcare is administered at the provincial level, Ontario has spend billions the last few years implementing "e-health"....I've not accessed my profile but I think there is or it's planned to allow you to log in and see results and view your records.
This would be a step in the right direction. But from my US view point, the promise of collaboration and single access to all of your medical records has been and still is a pipe dream. Even though I have portal logins to see various things, it's still not complete. An example is my oncologist's portal. I can see some basic information and it's where I have to go for my blood work results. But I can't see the radiology reports nor scan images that are part of my file. If I didn't get copies of these from the radiology office, I would be totally in the dark. And notice that I said portal logins. I have one for my GP. I have one for my GI doc. I have one for my oncologist. I have one for one of the labs I had my blood work done in the past. They're all independent systems. My GP has access to the local hospital's medical records system. But I don't think my oncologist does. It's a total mess.
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