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I read the latest research, which proved that marijuana isn't a drug. Well, I'm not a scientist and maybe it really helps to cure some diseases, but I remember very well my classmate who smoked jambs twice a day. And I remember that he really had a retarded reaction and a bad memory. It was the best anti-alcohol and marijuana ad in my life. But it didn't swing cigarettes. I smoked for 10 years until I found out that I have arrhythmia and I should pay more attention to my health if I don't want to be a wreck after 35 years. I knew that it would be very difficult for me to quit smoking, so I decided to first use the vape pen for this (I decided that I would start using less nicotine in e-liquid and this will help me quit smoking). Now I vaping without nicotine, I like to mix vape juices, I usually look for reviews of different novelties here . I know that I replaced one habit with another, less harmful, but it really is what calms and relaxes me, for me it's like a hookah. I wanted to say with this message that the fact that the medicine in small quantities can be poison in large quantities. You probably know a lot of stories about addiction to painkillers and some antidepressants, itís more difficult for people to control themselves if they are allowed to.