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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
As long as you understand that part all is good. No point in looking back at what you've already done. The weight you lost is very impressive and you should be proud regardless. Just keep working man. I think I've mentioned this but I tend to avoid the fasting because my goals are different like you had mentioned. You're getting the methodolgy behind building muscle and that's what is important. You need to bump the calories to build, 8 weeks is a good amount of time and you'll definitely grow. Then afterwards bring it down and you'll be surprised with how you look. I'm sure you've been talking to the doctor, Rmtt, so you should be good to go man!
Appreciate your advice man! It's funny that I've scoured the internet, watched hours of youtube videos, listened to do this and don't that, then don't do that, do this; take these suppliments, don't take those supplements, take these supplements to the point where I can see how and why people give up. But I have learned more here, aside from paying attention to how my body responds to the various stimuli I have subjected it to. You and Rmtt have been a huge help!

Although I'm still keeping careful track of every calorie that I eat, I've shifted my focus off dropping body fat percentage to just grinding at the gym. I started a new method this week, that I'm really enjoying. 4 sets of ten on each group that I work that day. The next time I work that group 4 sets of 11, next time 4 sets of 12, then increase weight and start back at 4 of ten....and so on and so forth. I've got to get my progressive overload going. This is going to be my focus for the next couple of months with slowly increasing calories. Come February or March I'll cut for a few weeks and hopefully the results will be somewhere close to what I want. Then I'll reformulate the game plan and start again. Pumped about the next few months.