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Originally Posted by MPBK View Post
I heard that this "unpredictable" fasting is actually better.
If you stick to a very predictable routine, your body will just adapt to it. That's the plateau that folks mention. It's the same logic why you switch workout routines at the gym.
I've been doing some research in whatever "free time" I've had the past few days. I really wish I had started my entire journey a little differently, I'm sure I would look way different than I do right now. I should have cut calories gradually and lifted more weight while doing cardio, but not nearly as much cardio as I was doing. At this point, I don't feel like I'm losing "weight" which is good as that isn't the goal any longer. Now I'm trying to swap body fat for muscle, long road ahead of me for sure, but I feel the end result (there will never actually be an end to it though) will be worth the effort.

I did some reading yesterday on people "hitting a wall" with intermittent fasting and stating they ate at maintenance for a week or two and started over to get past the plateau. The past few weeks my eating habits have been all over the place so it's kinda screwy at the moment. I can see a change in the reduction of what little bit of belly fat that I have left as well as new muscle gains, it's just such a slow process. I'll keep at the rate that I'm on for caloric intake for a couple more weeks, then slowly start increasing calories over an 8 week period then see where I'm at.