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Originally Posted by No one View Post
It's better to start early: it takes plenty of time to advance. Depending on how hard one trains, of course, but there's still an obvious limitation of injury risk (and those body hardening processes speed) anyway. Another limitation might be the looks: if one intends to advertise hand cream of something he'd better skip these exercises. Although I saw knuckle callus "advertisement" on YouTube and boys were exited in comments (it's like a boxer's signature broken nose or a wrestler's signature broken ears , but harder to achieve ).

I've got the broken nose although it isn't noticble aside from deviated septum issues. But as you said, it comes with the territory.

I think everyone should learn to defend themselves, but we also live in a different world now.

Unfortunately....I have a bullet still in me from a guy who couldn't let things go and had to get even. That was my wake-up call. What was once a means to an end is now a fascination with history if other cultures.

I used to train with a guy who was raised in Thailand. He told me he had to kick fruit trees for months to show dedication before being even allowed to join a school. I know his shins could prove his claims.

So yes....there are some hardcore people out there. I'm all for it if that's what they want to do.

But I also tell people like that who have came through various schools I have taught and trained at to read about the Boxer Rebellion and take everything with a "grain of salt".
Everybody has a gameplan....until they get punched in the mouth.