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So who else in here trains in Martial Arts?

Like the title states....who else in here trains in a combative art? Since the sub-thread lists that as well, but I rarely see threads on it.

I'll start. My dad was a professional boxer, so I've had gloves on by the age of 5. Boxed for years.

At 11, dad put me in a Korean art....Tang So Do. Had my black belt in it by 16. Then went into the Chinese art of Wing Chum for 4 years until my teacher moved. It was a lot like boxing but more linear. They also cross trained Muay Thai and a lot of Phillipino arts.....especially weapons.

Around 19-20, discovered Aikido and Aiki-Jitsu. Fell in love with it and been with it ever since. Currently hold a 2nd degree black in that, and now mostly train others such as law enforcement and women's groups.

I was still boxing on and off through all of this, and fought amateur bouts with a club called Head Hunters around here. My coach had actually went 12 rounds with Roy Jones Jr. back in the day in New York...but lost by decision.

I fought for almost 5 years before starting weight training ironically to improve my boxing. However for some reason....I had very good genetics for the weights and ended up growing too quickly which moved me up two weight classes.

Being only 5'7"....that killed my boxing "career" as everyone was a good 4" plus taller than me....and with their reach it meant I would typically get pummeled just trying to get "inside" to work.

So I gave it up although I still hit the heavy bag and speed bag for cardio workouts.

Now I just focus on Aikido and plan to continue as long as my joints will allow it!
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