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Originally Posted by Z4-Villalona View Post
ALL pieces huh?....... I want those damn lock covers....I feel naked
ALLL pieces.. he he he!! the lock covers are rather ermmmm cheapish... honestly imo the hardtop is no way worth what bmw are charging for it, it definatly DOESNT feel bmw made.... which it isnt.... im glad i picked one up second hand cheap....

this particular top is perfect bar some scratchs so minor it isnt worth mentioning and will almost certainly polish out, and a tiny craze on the rear screen, it took me an hour to find these faults.... its immaculate...... very very pleased!!

villa.... im copying you.... as its off the car im sending it off next week for re-trimming..... im going to pimp it out big time, its a shame however as the stock lining is in perfect shape...
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