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Ah, I have some direct experience here. Bought a Z4MC new in 2007. Kept it 8 years and 57k miles. Had been itching to own an E39 M5 for years, and finally decided in 2015 that I'd swap the Z4MC for one. Bought a super-clean '02 from EAG, traded my Z4MC towards it + some additional cash. My daily at the time was a ZHP coupe. I liked the E39 M5 but never fell in love with it - found myself constantly reaching for the ZHP keys. It was just a bit too big, a bit too vague (the recirculating ball steering in the E39 is not so hot, and the proper r&p setup in the ZHP is absolutely sublime). And within 3 months, I was desperately missing the Z4MC.

So I only kept the M5 for a year. Sold it back to Eric at EAG. Replaced it with a '16 Golf R. In late 2018, I decided it was time to replace my beloved Z4MC. Found another one exactly to my liking almost immediately (actually posted for sale here at zpost and NOWHERE else). I've been very happy ever since. I now have a new Golf R (long story) to go with it and they're the perfect pair for me.

E39 M5 is an awesome car, no doubt about it. It just didn't completely win me over.
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