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A2DP No low end?

Ok so since I got my car I've been wanting to setup A2DP because I know I'm too lazy to even dock my phone into a connector and I'm sick of listening to CDs and radio. Anyways I finally broke down and ordered an AUX jack (I have a 2006 so no AUX) and I ordered what I thought was a very cleaver A2DP receiver to AUX that fits right in the cig outlet. I'm like sweet I can run AUX side the ashtray and have a totally hidden setup.

Anyways today I took my little A2DP adaptor and tested it on my friends 2007 Z4MC streaming from iphone 5 pandora. Absolutely no low end when using A2DP, if we disconnect the AUX from the device and plug directly into the phone then we get crazy low ends.

So I guess my question is this an issue with A2SP in general or is it an issue with the device I purchased or maybe even an iphone issue? Really bummed out now that my little setup isn't going to work so well.