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Just watched the vid finally (was on the phone earlier, and didn't have wifi available. 3G kinda sucks for streaming lol).

Your lines look good Gernard, keep up the good work! As you get more familiar with your own car and any given track, you'll be able to carry more speed into and out of each corner. You'll be able to shave a ton of time by braking later, but harder (might require pad and/or fluid upgrade at the least). I would also take 3rd gear down the corkscrew to shoot out better, and then stay in 3rd for turn 9 lefty.
You're currently not tracking all the way out on every single exit, but that's only because you're still taking it easy. Once you're more familiar with everything, I'm sure you'll be able to run a faster pace, which will automatically bring you out wider every corner. It'll be like second-nature, since you wouldn't otherwise be able to carry speed unless you take "straighter" lines from berm to berm, etc.

But like I said, all in all, superb thus far

Will be up to good pace in NO TIME!

What tires and sizes are you running currently?
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