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Originally Posted by SD Z4MR
Will this fit an E85 that has the Extended Leather option? I'm guessing that the roll hoops are slightly thicker, is there any stretch or "give" on the part that goes over the roll hoops?

On one hand I'm pretty sure that the previous owner had this type of windscreen because I found a couple of the hook straps still on the car which I ended up sending to a couple of people here on Zpost.

Do you have all of the hooks straps and everything needed to secure the wind screen? What would make you describe it as in "very good condition" rather than "excellent condition"?
It fits pretty snug on a roadster without extended leather so I can't say I know for certain if it will stretch enough to fit.

All attachment hooks are present and in good condition.

I did a quick inspection when I took the windscreen off and it appears to be in excellent condition aside from being a bit dusty. It should look like new with a wipe down with a damp towel or conditioner. I would rather understate the condition rather than over.

Let me know if you are interested!