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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
First, as a lifelong NY-Metro resident, it is a foreign concept to carry... at least legally.

I have an accomplished background in customizing vehicles professionally. This includes building more than my share of hidden "mobile safes" in vehicles. Often it would become a little funny when we would ask the client how large the safe needed to be. They'd kinda dance around the answer. Nobody really wanted to outright say they wanted a stash box for a gun (or drugs). That's far from legal around here. Of course, some people legitimately needed mobile safes... Like the (Manhattan) diamond district guys I've catered to.
Tennessee law states as long as your handgun is not visible from casual observation from outside the locked vehicle, it is legal to have a gun in the vehicle anywhere you are legally permitted to be. This is a recent law and did not exist when I had my "James Bond" door panel.

The console cavity is not deep enough to hold a pistol of any size in an orientation to be useful. Laying a gun on it's side means there is no way to hold it securely, it would be free to move around. The best choice seems to be cutting the floor of the cavity and the A/C ducts to mount a holster to the side of the console. That may give enough room for a Glock, but not a full-size 1911. I didn't have to cut anything on my truck console.
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