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I had started a notepad file that contains a lot of good info like you talk of. Here is a copy & paste of it. I'll try to go back later and clean it up a bit. If you see something that is incorrect please let me know. Also, If I quote you and do not put you as the source, I'm sorry, Let me know and I'll fix that. I am not trying to "steal" your work. Some of this info may be opinion based. I basically grabbed it from threads and made a little cheat sheet for myself.

AUX-in for the stereo was added in 2007 but was not in 2006 cars.


330 @ 7900
Torque @ RPM
262 @ 4900

Fuel Tank
14.5 Gallons

Motor Mount Bolts Issue

Bolts needed are:
M8X26mm with 1.25 pitch 10.9 Grade
M8X35mm with 1.25 pitch 10.9 Grade
M8 Hardened Washers

Oem replacement bolts Part # which are 8.8 grade are:
07119905724 M8X26mm
07119905533 M8X35mm
*these come with washers*

McMaster-Carr Part numbers for comparable bolts are:
90854A167 M8x25mm (1mm shorter than oem)
90854A172 M8x35mm
*note* they are only sold in packs of 25*

91812A230 Wedge Lock Washer (Nord-Lock SS washers that prevent loosening)
*note* Sold in packs of 5

Torque to 21 N*m

Realoem shows 6 of the M8X26mm & 2 M8X35mm

Link to more info:
Thanks to Ron Stygar & others for providing all this info.

FAQs How to's

Determining number made

Coupes, Worldwide: 4,275, North America: 1,815.
Roadsters, Worldwide: 5,070, North America: 3,042
Source - BMW Car magazine, Nov. 2008 issue, pp 9.

Aluminum hood

Stock Tires:

Stock Wheels
Front 18X8.0 ET42
Rear 18X9.0 ET30
Style 224M

Stock Brake Rotors
13.6 x 1.10 inch
12.9 x 0.79 inch

The size most of us run on the stock wheels is
front:245/40-18 and rear:275/35-18.

Final Drive Ratio 3.62
We have the same differential that is in the E46 M3

More info on swapping in 3.91 or 4.10:

Curb Weight 3230 lbs

OEM Wheel Weights

Front = 24.75 lbs.
Rear = 25.88 lbs.

With the Z4 M, the ideal shift points are at redline with the exception of 5th to 6th, where it's 500 revs sooner

The gearbox is from the 3.0si rather than the E46 M3

DIY clutch stop mod

ZHP Knob

Z4M Production and Other Interesting Info Thread

Nav Tweek


Approx what can be adjusted
front -1.00 camber stock with pins
front -1.5-1.75 stock without pins
front -2.5 with shims from turner

Suspension Guide

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