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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
I'm in the situation where so far I have close to the best medical plan I have had in my life. I pay $145 (soon to be $75 when I get the ex off the plan) a month for full family coverage. Doesn't matter how many dependents I have on the plan. This monthly cost includes dental and vision. Yearly individual deductibles are $250. The plan is a PPO. The only other plan I have had which was better was a long time ago where it was also a PPO but the yearly cost was $1. Yes, you read that right. The explanation was that the company couldn't give away free health insurance due to IRS rules so they had to charge the employees something....$1. I don't remember if that included vision and dental. I seem to recall it didn't, but still very good.

The issue I'm going to face in a couple of years is what my current employer is going to do if the "Cadillac plan penalty" of the ACA is going to kick in. My employer has structured things to provide a very good benefit for those that are employees. Yet we have the Feds telling us we're not allowed to have this type of benefit anymore. Yet, these same politicians will still enjoy their "Cadillac" plans. So I don't know if my employer will suck up the tax penalties associated with having the current benefits in place or if it'll be passed on to the employees in higher premiums or a change in the plan benefits. This is an example of a benefit which has nothing to do with public funding being affected by public policy.
My insurance is similiar to yours. Plus as mentioned, I have a Dr who will change billing codes.

I work for a private individual, and he's always provided this type of coverage since I started with him in 2006.

I hope he continues to be generous as I know he is probably paying a lot of his own money to afford his employees that type of plan.
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