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A bit of UK chat?

Right, I'm new here so sorry if this isn't the done thing but:

I thought that if I try to start a random thread, then perhaps a few UK owners might start to respond, and then maybe a few more will see that there is actually some UK z4 owners on here and will start to visit this section, and then before we know it there might be some usefull conversation on here, and tips specific to UK cars and perhaps even a UK Zpost meet and maybe even a bit of friendship....... Ok maybe gone a bit to far with the last point!

So, I picked up my Z4 on Monday (as my other thread in UK zpost says!) and I was just wondering how long it took other roadster owners before the novelty of having the top down as soon as the rain stops wears off. I'm obviously still in the mindset that even light rain is fair game for topless driving but i guess I'll soon change?
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