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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
I've got the broken nose although it isn't noticble aside from deviated septum issues.
I have a deviated septum without a broken nose. Damn, I just think I should take care about it, it's so fragile!

Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
I think everyone should learn to defend themselves, but we also live in a different world now.
I think everyone should learn to behave reasonably. Winning a fight can cause more trouble than losing it. But it's nice to have a choice.

Some can be perfectly ready for a hospital, cemetery or jail (especially if they don't realize that) but those who see their future differently have to avoid being involved into those stupid games.

Most annoying aggressors possess no physical threat these days. They explore your patience and mental agility rather than determination and fighting ability.

For me, Martial Arts differ from those fighting systems in that they aren't about fighting. They are about not fighting.

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I used to train with a guy who was raised in Thailand. He told me he had to kick fruit trees for months to show dedication before being even allowed to join a school. I know his shins could prove his claims.
I think it's ridiculous to destroy yourself rather than your enemy with your blows. But a more important point is developing fortitude, ability to overcome a discomfort to achieve your goal. Mind over body.