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Originally Posted by WaZZZZman View Post
the HACK said:

By the way, "drilled" rotors are a significant performance DOWNGRADE from solid rotors.
Thanks HACK, that is what others are telling me as well, but what I do not understand if drilled rotors are bad why does BMW put them on Ms? I know my 2.5i is no M, but I don't need a car that goes as fast as mine does, but it is nice when I need it. The same thing for rotors if drilled is worth putting on a faster Zed what is the hurt putting them on a lessor car?
It's called marketing. As soon as RacingBrake slotted rear rotors are available I'm swapping out my rear rotors as well on the Moop. I've already swapped out my front to solid slotted rotors. Solid rotors have a much larger thermal capacity than drilled rotors, they're not under the same thermal strain at the drilled holes and are stronger, and they flat-out perform better. They put drilled rotors on "M" cars because people like YOU have this misconception about how drilled rotors perform better. They don't.

Ever see a set of drilled rotors crack all the way through on a single track weekend? I have. It's not a pretty sight. I haven't seen a set of solid rotors crack all the way through yet in person.

The whole "myth" about drilled rotors perform better came from long long time ago when brake pads use to "out-gas" and prevent the pad from contacting the rotor in racing applications. Brake pads don't do that for decades. However, since they used to put drilled rotors on race cars, people start to associate drilled rotors with "performance" and it's stuck with most uninformed buyers since. Do a quick search on the intarweb for "drilled rotor myth" if you'd like a third party confirmation.