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Originally Posted by tbalutis View Post
This one was your best yet, Rick. You must have put a lot of effort into the research of this one. Keep them coming!

Especially enjoyed the references to Gen. Pleasonton. Happen to know of him as there were several towns named for him and I actually lived and worked in the one in the East San Francisco Bay. Still own a house there, it is a beautiful little town. Also enjoyed the connection to George Patton, one of the country's all time best military heroes.

This trip had a much denser "historical quotient" than usual, which I found fascinating. For example, I'd passed by Pott's Mill several years earlier on a motorcycle trip, but I had no idea at that time whether it was a mill, church, house, or what. Nor did I recognize its role in the "Great Burning Campaign." And I didn't even notice the miller's house on top of the adjoining hill, let alone what happened to it.

Regarding Gen. Pleasonton, he served with great distinction on a number of occasions, even though he was never able to break through Stuart's cavalry and track down Lee's army. I hadn't realized that there are towns that were named after him--thanks for pointing that out.